I’ve dreamt of being an ice skater many many times. But for whatsoever reason it is, I’m never an ice skater. I’m just and always be a dreamer.

What an emotional introduction, haha :P Enough for my childhood dreams, and proceed to the real world!

So, to start my blog, my cousins, especially Shaira, told us to go ice skate with the whole family before they leave the Philippines on the 20th. And their wish came true last July 10 at the Mall of Asia.

Here’s our photo before we get in the skating rink. I think we’re more excited than those kiddos!

And kids looked excited here. No more cupid here cause he’s chilling :p

Double-approve for the FUNNN! :) I like how Stephen did it :P

“Sooner or Later, we will all fall down”, that’s what Shaira said.

What I did: I try not to fall to prove her wrong. What Shaira did: She pulled my hand and made me fall. Nice.

I love the fact that my cousins didn’t let me sit down at that cold flooring alone by letting themselves fall voluntarily. That’s SWEET.

Nine out of Eleven.

(L-R, Back): Shaira, Ate Ceng, Joseph, Kirby and Kuya Gerome

(L-R, Front): Me, Cupid, Voltaire and Stephen

Took this picture after we ate at Pizza Hut. No photos when we’re eating, everybody’s hungry, haha. Missing Kuya Mackoy (our oldest cousin) and Justin (our youngest cousin). Never mind those who tiptoed, hahaha!

Last wacky photo before we left the mall. HAPPY!


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