The Society of Business Managerial Accountants had its 2nd general assembly with its theme SHUFFLE: the Ecstatic Party Hits of this Generation, held last August 27, 2011 at the UST, Medicine Auditorium. This project is one of those big projects that SBMA have so we really prepared for this. Good thing (and thanks to God that no suspension of classes have been declared that day) our efforts paid out! :)

Here are some photos from our General Assembly:

Our stage design made mainly by our novices. I love those SBMA 3D letters!

With my co-officers, Jheng and Arianne, and the host, Justin Hebreo.

The SBMA girls :P (waley pa din ang height ko!)

(L-R) Shei, Jheng, Me, Arianne, Louise and Joana

Program was started by an invocation led by the Accountancy Chamber Singers. They’re great!

Who can boost the audience energy in just a snap? Wait until the UST Yellow Jacket strike their drums and shake their bodies! :)

The hosts: Katherine Mae Añonuevo, Justin Louis Hebreo and Paul Argie Cruz

Our section performing one of the scenes. We haven’t got any prize but I think being in a 4th placer out of 16 is Above Satisfactory!

Way to go 4MA3! I really love my section by the way :)

Love the shoes I bought from So! Fab :)

Congratulations to the Project Heads, Officers, BOD, Novices and all the sections who showed what truly MA students are!

Best General Assembly Ever! Kudos SBMA!

More photos at SBMA Ust.


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