After two years

 Okay. So this is actually a month ago. I know this is a super late post so just blame it on my laziness, hahaha.

We had this dinner at Yakimix, MOA last October 14 with my family in celebration of kuya mackoy’s arrival from Saudi. He was our eldest cousin at my mother’s side that’s missing in one of the pictures that I’ve blogged with my other cousins (Click Here for the photo). He went home here after two years because he’s getting married to ate eden, YEY! :) So these are some of the pictures that we have taken that day.

With Ate Eden and Kuya Mackoy. He got fat there, haha!

With the girls while waiting the staffs to call our reservation. (with Ate Eden and Ate Ceng)

With my tablemates. Mama Ed, Ate Eden and Ate Ceng.

Lots of food! Yummeeey! :P

So we took two tables, this table are for late comers, hahaha

Last photo before we leave.

Had a fun day with the family! :D and I definitely love the food.


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