It’s Christmas at SBMA!

Having a Christmas Party means many things to us. It may be a sign that Christmas Vacation is just a step away, it may be fun to others or it may pissed others off because of the cash outflows. But one thing is for sure, you’ll be with your family and friends to give love like what God has given to us.

Our Christmas party was arranged by our novices, they scheduled it last December 9 because we don’t have classes due to the Christmas party of our Faculty members.

Guess where we spent it? At JOLLIBEE!

And at this point, you now know that it IS a kiddie party :P Originally, we should wear cocktail dresses. Cool isn’t it? But because of the bad weather, they decided to wear anything you want. Awwww, I prepared for it! Hahaha.

As usual, Jollibee will never be absent in this kind of party so we took pictures with him, haha, we really do look like kids!

With my co-officers. Cute wacky picture :)

And with the novices! sorry for the blurred picture :)

We also had games like pinoy henyo,

Here’s Dan with his brother Jollibee DAW! :P He’s guessing the word reindeer here :)

And the crowd going crazy of who’s gonna win. We’re playing paper dance here. I’m one of the contestants but you know, you should boo me! :P

Formed the tables into one long table so we could bond with each other well

With LA, Stef, Jullian and Sheila.

And of course Jollibee and I :)

We also had our after party but the pictures weren’t uploaded yet.

Anyways, I got two connector rings in our exchange gift portion, yehey! and I spelled the acronym SBMA using my butt. That was a bomb! hahahahaha :))

Well, we all had fun, and I am sure about this, I love how we bond with each other now. How I wish we had more time to hang out with each other!

I love my SBMA family :)
More photos at SBMA Ust.


It’s our retreat tomorrow, so I’ve got no chance to update my twitter or whatever social networking site. Another SBMA project it is! :) Hope it would be a successful one!


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