Retreat 2011

Retreat is one of the most awaited event of the seniors. It’s the time for bonding, sharing and eventually, it will be an another great memory for each one of them.

But on the other side of the story, SBMA held one of its major project. So it meant us RESPONSIBILITY and we didn’t actually have our retreat.

We had our retreat last December 11-13, 2011 at Angel’s Hills Tagaytay.

I’ll TRY, just try, to make this blog post short.


I think this is the most busy day for us officers cause we had to: inspect the bags of our batchmates, arrange the rooms, be familiar with what should we do (I’m in the food committee together with Fudgee) and many more. But as we arrive, I first took place of the medicine box while the person in-charge was at Nueva Ecija for Community Development.

Holding the medicine box, obviously, haha, and with Sir Ivan

With Louise, Ma’am Lady, Me, CM, Dan and Jheng

With my roommates wearing our section’s jacket. Mikee and Yanna.


This day had been a less-stress-day for us. We had lots of sessions, strolling time, siesta time, performance of each of the section, bonfire and the wishing lanterns ♥

Us with Bro. JC Libiran after his session. He is a lovely and a great preacher!

Our Barkada ♥

Minus Dan because he left for HongKong :(

The Wishing Lantern and our barkada. Best picture, I think! :)


This was the day that we let go of our negative feelings for our section, enjoyed the last hours of stay there and uwian time!

With my dear professors, had lots of pictures with them, haha

And with my classmates.

Had a tiring but FUN retreat! :)

Congratulations to SBMA, the PROJECT HEADS, officers, novices and to our batchmates :)



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