Paskuhan Fever

Paskuhan is a traditional event of the University of Santo Tomas. This is my fourth and the LAST time as a student to attend the said event. It was held last December 15 and 16, so yey, 2 days of celebration! Another fabulous fireworks again! :)

This is how our school looks like every Christmas season. I know, they never fail Thomasian students! :)

(c) Paul Quiambao

Attended the Paskuhan mass or the 1st Simbang Gabi with my classmates. We also had this Agape, and had lots of food like Lechong Baka, Lechong Baboy and Lechong Manok. And what’s good at it is they are all FREE! :)

THE CROWD at Plaza Mayor. Kamikazee and Parokya ni Edgar played :)

Spent the Day 2 Paskuhan with my classmates, friends and JohnC.

As usual, myself! :)

Not my picture, credits to the owner.

I’m always proud to be a Thomasian student, especially when Sparks Fly! haha

Another successful and memorable Paskuhan for all of us :)


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