Velada Tomasina

University of Santo Tomas had it’s Neo Centennial celebration this January 2012, meaning we are celebrating the New Centennial of our University, yey!

Last January 25, we had an event called Velada Tomasina which means going back to the Intramuros times of UST. So we have to wear something filipiniana and Maria-Clara like costumes. These are what the Filipinas wear during the old times here at the Philippines.

I love how UST re-enact the intramuros times with the Kalesa.

With my co-officers and the Guardia Sibil.

Spent most of the time with them.

Just borrowed my costume and paired it with an Aldo wedges and pearl accessories.

Best picture! :)

I enjoyed the event even our costumes are heavy and itchy. Well, this event happens once in 100 years :)

And again, I’ll never be tired of saying that I am truly a PROUD THOMASIAN!


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