My Valentino

Valentine’s Day is the one of the most awaited day for most of the girls. Well, I belong to that girls who are excited with what will happen that day.

My Valentino is my dear John. Hehe, actually, his name is John Christopher Espiritu, I know you have seen him a bit here in my blog. This is the second time we spent the Valentine’s day together :)

He went to our house at around 11 am to give me these flowers :)

And yes! another set of flowers :> These are my fave ones! His original plan is to give me the first set and is expecting me to be sad and will turn his back to me and ta-da, another bouquet with my fave flowers. Unfortunately, Mama’s there so he gave the flowers at the same time :P

Second surprise: A mysterious box :P

Box full of lines from different love songs :) I read it in front of him and I laughed when I saw: “All you are is Mean”, “She’s a monster, beautiful monster, but I don’t mind”, “Ang gwapo ko” and “Ang ganda ng sulat ko” hahaha. I never thought that he would write this many, but since it’s heart’s day, he did it just for me :)

Third Surprise: A card and Love letter in an Ang Pow (it’s a Chinese envelope where they put money in it) so I thought it was money, haha :)) check for the creativity :P

Lastly, dinner at Max’s Restaurant. We were so hungry that time cause we waited for almost an hour for our reservation. This is our first date ever. I really had a great time with him :)

Just so you know, he always makes me feel that I’m special to him even in the ordinary days or even the worst days of life. Well, I’m such a lucky and a blessed girl :)

So this is our way of spending the Valentine’s day, hope you also had a great one!

This post is for my partner, Johnc ♥


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