Last Mass as a Thomasian

Baccalaureate Mass. This is probably the last mass that the graduating students will attend during their last days in their school or university. I really waited patiently for three long years just to attend this event. Of course, I just did not wait for it but work hard for it to become a senior and yes, I survived and attended this memorable event.

Wore a toga cap made by our student council (which we threw up in the air) and my college ring.

Lights, lights, lights and bonggang lights!

Johnc’s writing on my uniform :)

Us before going out of the Arch of the Centuries. We don’t have photos while we are ‘running’ out of the Arch because we are all excited! UST’s tradition is that we are to enter the Arch before the Freshmen walk and to exit after the Baccalaureate Mass. Well, this is one of the most special events that I will never forget as a Thomasian.

I could say that UST really did took care of us. A lot! :)


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