Graduation Day

Graduation. What event would students look forward to than Graduation? Oh yes, after 15 years of studying, I did it and graduated last March 31, 2012!

I am now a PROUD BS Management Accounting degree holder of University of Santo Tomas.

This is where our graduation rites was held, the UST Quadricentennial Pavillion (QPav).

My seatmates and I during the rites.

Proud Lola, parents and brother! :)

Getting down the stage after the tassel was transferred. I was nervous cause I might stumble down because of my shoes! haha

Group and class pictures after the event! See those happy faces?

Mama said I should ‘turn-over’ my toga cap to my brother so that he could also graduate in time. I don’t know if it’s a general superstition or her own superstition, haha!

My favorite picture: Our family met!! ♥♥

(L-R): Tito Matt (his dad), Johnc, Me, Papa, Tita Christie (his mom), Mommy, Mama and lil bro. Ate Marla’s (his older sister) not here because she took this photo.

During and after our graduation :)

I thank my parents for giving me the support that I needed for the years that I’ve been studying. And I am grateful to have God by my side. I have worked hard for this but without my prayers and my faith to Him, I will not achieve this.

This is for my parents.

This is for God.


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