New Places on our First Month

According to the dictionary, there is no such word as ‘Monthsary’. Filipinos didn’t mind it at all because they wanted to cherish every moment with their boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancee/husband/wife or whatever it is.

As for our 1st ‘Monthsary’, we tried new things.

For our first stop, we went to Ace Water Spa. Because I have a Buy 1 Take 1 coupon of the 4 hours Hydrotherapy Massage courtesy of my Belle de Jour planner, we availed it. It’s like a swimming pool with a twist! We have no photos during our stay there because personal things should be left on the lockers. We just stayed their for about 2 hours and a half and enjoyed trying their different massage that concentrates on different parts of the body. So better try it, I’m sure you’ll gonna love it especially to those who want to relax and to relieve stress :)

Check their site Here.

Second stop, Dinner at Love Desserts!

Here we had our unlimited desserts for P199 only!

They have cakes, breads, champorado, puddings, crinkles, ice cream and its toppings, crepes, heart-shaped leche flan, teas, coffees and a lot more! Lots of choices, right?

Here’s Johnc enjoying his all time favorite Braso de Mercedes. I don’t know what is he looking at, haha! :)) They also have rice meals which I have on my plate.

Check their site Here.

I bought two shirts with the same design for us and he gave me a card as a gift :) This is also our post-celebration for our graduation and this may be the first and last time that we have a free day cause Johnc’s busy going to different companies for an interview and examination and I’m working into something too so we had a one time big time celebration :)


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