Celebrating in Manila

I should have blog this a long time ago. Apparently, I just got the pictures earlier this day but still, I’ll post this memorable experience of mine. This is in celebration of our 2nd Monthsary, so yay! Two out of forever! :)

Here is our itinerary for that day:

1st stop, Manila Zoo, it’s his idea! haha :D

See his excitement to view those animals? He’s just like an elementary kid on an educational field trip, haha :P Peace babe! :*

It took me half an hour to make him say ‘Yes’ for this photo ’cause he don’t like snakes, haha :D I really don’t like them too, but for the sake of photo memories, why not give a shot for it :)

2nd stop, dinner at Savory, MOA.

Our orders: Nido Soup with Quail Eggs, Salt and Pepper Spareribs and my newest favorite viand, Buttered Chicken! Obviously, we can’t and didn’t eat them all :D

3rd stop, MOA’s Ferris Wheel, my idea :)

Those big capsules can carry up to 8 persons, but you may go alone if you wanted to. It is so comfortable that these capsules have their own air conditions and music players so you won’t feel nervous when you can view the whole vicinity of the mall, haha! :D

Epic smile, haha. Now I’m afraid of heights, thank goodness the flooring isn’t a fiber glass.

Mall of Asia, top view. Sorry for the resolution :)

And on our way down.. That’s when he read his monthly love letter to me :D

So there it goes, that’s the ride we have taken a few meters away :) Romantic isn’t it?  I think couples or even barkadas should try this! :) It’s only 150 per head and you’ll enjoy being on the top of the world for a couple of seconds, worth the money! :)

Till the next 17! Love love love! ♥


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