Chicabooti SM Manila

After more than a month of being silent in the world of blogging, here I am, finally found a time to share what I have been doing this past few weeks. I’ve been busy for the longest time because of my school works. Yes, school works, AGAIN.  I am currently taking my second degree, BS Accountancy, at another school which permits me to take the CPA board exam.

Sooo, enough for me being busy. I would like to share to you how our shop, Chicabooti, looks like at SM Manila.

Chicabooti’s entrance. Obviously, they’re having a huge sale this month :)

Have you seen a shop with overflowing stocks and having a super sale? :)

Say it and we have it! From dresses, shirts, shorts, tops and cardigans. We have casual attires, corporate attires, winter, spring, summer and fall attires! :)

The staffs of Chicabooti are giving their best to have an additional branch to cater the needs of our lovely shoppers that are far from Manila.

Visit us now at SM Manila 3/F!

We also offer online shopping too! Just add us HERE. Thank You!

Meanwhile, here is a photo of our Accessories Collection. You can buy it at SM Manila or in our online store :)

Happy Shopping, shop-a-holics! :)


3 thoughts on “Chicabooti SM Manila

    • Hi Hanna! Thank you for the feedback! :) I’ll try to update the page as I am still working something with the management. :) Will get back to you if there are Chicabooti updates! :)

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