Awesome Finds

Last Sunday, (meaning this post is a week late) I went to Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center with Johnc. Primarily, I went there to buy myself obviously a sandals or flats cause that’s what I need and kind of want. Okay, I want to have a pair also. My second purpose is to meet some of the fashion bloggers that I adore. Like what Adele said, they really had it all, from accessories, shoes, food, make ups and the like.

Knew Super Sale Bazaar because of the Online Shops in Facebook. I hope I can participate and sell Chicabooti’s product at their next event.

Super Sale tag embroidered on their freebie bag.

Awesome finds at the Bazaar: Truffles, flats and freebie bag. Actually, there are many awesome things at the bazaar, I just can’t buy all my wants at the moment :P

First purchase, Katie Carry-Me Flats.

This is what a girl needs when she loves to wear sky high heels: a light and easy to carry flats. I’m so inlove with it cause it matches its pouch bag plus it is so comfortable to wear.

Pouch bag turned into tote bag. That’s a one great idea! Tired of having your heels on? Wear your flats and put your heels into the bag :)

They have other designs too. I bought this because I can easily match it to whatever I wear. I recommend this to you because of its quality and affordability.

Click HERE for Katie Carry-Me Flats’s site.

Second Purchase, Sophie’s Mom. It is my first time to taste their delicious truffles :) I just don’t know where I had been why I discovered this late.

Truffle Brownie Cups. I know! I’m drooling now. I will surely try their best seller Red Velvet cupcake next time :)

Click HERE for Sophie’s Mom’s site.

Second objective, check! :) I met and had a photo with the Enciso sisters! I also had a hug from Vern. They are both pretty and nice. Very nice! How I love their malambing voice :)

Visit their blogs: A Shoetale by Vern Enciso and by Verniece Enciso.

Try to drop by to the next Super Sale Bazaar and I’m sure you’ll see lots of wonderful stuff!


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