DIY: Polka Nails



We need:

1. Base coat. I used Touch of Tan.

2. A nail polish that can complement your base coat. I used a white one.

3. Clear nail polish.

4. Dotting tool. (If you want to have one, email me! I’m planning to sell nail accessories, hmm? A way cheaper than those in the malls. Promise.)

*Sorry for using different brands, I really don’t know what brand to use! Do you have any suggestions? :)

page11. Apply the base coat to your nails. In my case, I applied the white nail polish as my base coat on my ring fingers as you can see on the first picture.

2. Put a small amount of nail polish on a paper or anywhere you are comfortable with.

3. Start putting ‘dots’ on your nails using the dotting tool. The tips of the dotting tool are of different sizes, I applied the bigger tip first then the smaller tip. As of my ring fingers, I used the Touch of Tan nail polish as my dots.

4. Apply the Clear nail polish. Remember, it makes your nail polish shiny and it last longer! :)

Yay! Did this help you? Haha! I hope it did! :) More nail arts to come! :)


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