Hi guys! Yes, I’m still alive, HAHA :D And since I am not active as before, I will try my best to be back, gradually, haha, and post what I am into this past few months or almost a year.

Sooo, the reason why I am missing for several months is that I consumed all my time in reviewing. Yes, you read it right. I am a nerd, I know! :/ Well at least it paid off, because…. I recently passed the board exam! YAAAAY! :) Unbelievable, right? After gazillion years of dreaming, I can finally add CPA after my name, yaay! Happiness can’t define how fulfilled I am that finally a dream of mine came true.

Okay, so too much of my happiness, I’m gonna post the outfit I wore last October 27. It was the last night of the Philippine Fashion Week, and actually my first time to attend a fashion show.





Here are some friends of my mine who also watched the show, and of course thanks to Ate Marla (most left girl) for inviting me. So there, yaay for a new post :) Till the next post!


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