Golds and A Heart

1476301_10202089628737770_1191118442_nLast November 29, the new CPA’s, including me (yay!), had our oath in the PICC Plenary Hall. Since the girls were told to be in a dress, I chose this one with a ‘little’ detail at the back.

1481198_10202089616537465_360990890_n 1464029_10202089618777521_1286570561_n

I love this dress because of the heart cutout at the back. Maybe a reminder that all of us should put our hearts whenever we want to reach the things that we want to achieve. In my case, it is passing the board exam.

1471796_10202089619497539_1569246876_n 994371_10202089625617692_505574906_n 1497707_10202089628137755_1334878922_n

For my accessories, I kept it simple and gold. Simply because, after the oath, I’m gonna dig gold for a living. Haha, joke! Well, of course that is half true but in the sense of fashion, I think it makes you look classy but not too extravagant, unless you wear all your golds and show off all your bling blings, haha. Anyways, I really love my ring! :) I love extraordinary rings, whether it’s long, or has a big stone in it, or a connector ring. So if you are planning to give me a gift this christmas, ehem, a nice ring will do. :D


If you have noticed, I wore pumps in the first photo and sandals in the next photos. The main ‘girl’ reason is because I can’t walk in it the whole day and may cause me to bid goodbye to my feet, haha! Since my family and I decided to go to a mall that would require a lot of walking, I brought my favorite sandals with me.


My hair was tied up, in a donut bun, so that the detail of my dress will show off… Aaaaand, there is really no time to fix my hair, so here is the easiest way to make it look clean and nice, hehe.1461081_10202089627777746_1432396287_nThrifted Dress, Necklace, Belt. Pinkbox donut bun. Primadonna Sandals. So! Fab nude pumps.

P.S I love buying in Thrift Shops, you don’t have to spend more to look nicer! :)


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