To Infinity and Beyond

After xx months, here I am again, trying to blog, haha. I know I’m taking months before I get to post whatever I have in mind, but as much as I want to, I can’t because I’m so preoccupied with my work (naks!), haha. And I have nothing to share until last March. Last month, Johnc and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary. Yaaay! :) It feels sooo amazing! haha. I’m really excited because we really planned this plus this is our first time to travel and try new things. It’s really our promise that as much as possible, have our firsts and new experiences together.

Our original plan was to go to Pampanga, visit Zoobic and go swimming. But since we don’t know how to go there and we should go to Tagaytay the morning after, we decided to celebrate it in Tagaytay as well. We celebrated it the weekend before our day since that’s the only time we can spend the whole day together. We arrived at 3pm, I guess, and searched a place to stay in and went straight to Residence Inn, Tagaytay.



The first thing we did there was to go to Paradizoo and they gave us a tour.

Next was the most exciting one, the zipline and cable car, yaay!!!! Really can’t contain my happiness and my fear since I’m afraid of heights, hehe. And it only cost us 150 back and forth! So why don’t give it a try, right?

ZiplineI was too scared to open my eyes at first, but I chose to feed my eyes by seeing the very beautiful view of Tagatay!! And of course, I’m less scared because Johnc held my hand through out the short fly, yieee, cheezy moment here.


IMG_1860Yes! To Infinity and Beyond! I wanna fly again!!!


No, I ain’t taking a selfie, I was trying to get a video of us and the view while we’re on the cable car.IMG_1874And later realized that I haven’t touched the capture button, hahahah! FAIL!! But still, this is a really REALLY unforgettable experience! :)

DSC_0138After which, we also had a quick tour in their Mini Zoo. Us with the I-don’t-want-to-be-in-the-picture camel, haha!

At 6pm, they have their free show starring their staff and some of their animals.


DSC_0177And as you can see, Johnc’s in the picture but he didn’t even tried to touch the snake! He’s really scared of it, haha. That’s a secret guys, hahahaha.


DSC_0187 After the show, we decided to go to the famous Sky Ranch since it’s only a ride away.

PS. For the girls, never EVER wear shorts in Tagaytay if you’re gonna stay outdoors till night and if you don’t wanna die because of the cold breeze. HAHA. Very wrong outfit.


DSC_0189The famous Sky Eye, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the country.


DSC_0206We tried their other rides/attractions before the main ride. A ride on a fake and a real horse! Haha. There are lots of rides there, like the Vikings they have in EK, mini roller coaster, and also zipline.

DSC_0244We waited for them before riding the ferris wheel. See, my brother is no longer a baby!! hahaha.

DSC_0192The Sky Eye! I am fond of riding on Ferris Wheels since it is one of the few rides that I can ride on, hehe. Can’t wait to try the ferris wheel in Singapore or even in London!! Dreams…..


10178339_10200786721949271_691341008_nThe gondolas of the Sky Eye are smaller than that of MOA’s but the height is really incomparable. I can’t even look down! haha. But if you really want to try this, I think the best time is when the sun sets :)

Ate our super late dinner at Leslie’s. We ordered their Bulalo since Bulalos in Tagaytay are super delish and Crispy Pata. Forgot to take a picture of our food since we really need to feed our tummy, haha! And one tip, Leslie’s serves food I guess for 3-4 persons per order. So imagine us trying to eat all of our ordered food!DSC_0246

This is the only picture I have in Leslie’s. See? My brother is not a gay! He’s a pig! haha. joke!! Love you, brotherrrrrrr!

Upon arriving to the place where we stayed, this is what I saw..


His anniversary greeting! In a freaking tarpaulin!!!! It took me half a minute to see if it’s real, haha, cause Johnc doesn’t know how to give surprises, I always knew it beforehand :P But this, unbelievable! :P Thanks for this Babe!!!! Don’t know where to put it in my room, haha.

On the day of our Anniversary, 17th of March, we only had our dinner at Mesa Restaurant in Greenbelt since I have to go to work the whole day.



Also went to the event where I said Yes to him – Pyro Olympics :) Sorry, no videos of fireworks, I want to enjoy the show instead of taking videos of it, hehe, and I’m sure there are many in youtube :)

And thereeeee!! What a celebration! We may have spent a lot here, but no regrets. Invest in experiences rather than on possessions, right? :) Happy 2nd Anniversary Babe, I love you so much and can’t wait to spend more Firsts together ♥

pencil024* I added a Travel category here. Praying and working hard to travel the Philippines and some other countries as well!! :) Also made an account, just wanna try the site, hehe.


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