Day 1: Ilocos Norte (City Tour)

Okay. So how do I start?

First of all, just for you to be informed, this would be a very long post since this also serves as a photo diary. So I hope you enjoy this post as much as we enjoyed our trip :)

Our travel to the North happened last August 21-24 (yes, another late post!). This was my birthday gift to myself and to my mum as well. I really prepared for this trip since I’m really excited travelling especially with the people I love. And I really prayed that the weather will be good for those days cause it was raining few days before our trip!

So we arrived in Laoag at around 3 am and went straight to Hotel Tiffany while waiting for our city tour to start. The first place we visited was President Marcos’ parents ancestral house.

*Just a reminder, most of the places especially museums have entrance fees.



The place where President Marcos was born.


Here’s my brother, Kirby having a pose with the little Ferdinand Marcos.

After our short tour in the ancestral house, we went to Iglesia de Sta. Monica de Sarrat. One of my favorite place!


Most of the churches here are really huge and have long aisles plus they all have bell towers! So Amazing.


The convent of Sta. Monica Church.



Before entering the Sarrat Ruins.




The beautiful Sarrat Ruins. This is where Irene Marcos (the youngest of President Marcos) had their pre nuptial photoshoot. So beautiful! I’m thinking of having my pre nup photoshoot here too! Haha!



My mum, obviously, is a fan of Ryzza Mae who loves “walling”. Haha! See the post behind them? They have another one inside. They said this is where they execute men before. Execute the Samson way, with two hands tied up in both posts!

Everywhere in this place is photogenic.


Next stop, Paoay Church.



I promised myself to visit 3 churches every time I travel. Not forgetting the 3 wishes whenever you visit a church the first time.

We also visited the Marcos Museum and learned a lot about the former president. So nice to see a part of our history.


They said Marcos’ favorite number is 8 and has brought a lot of luck in his political career.



His nameplates during his senatorial days.

We also visited the Marcos Mausoleum where the remains of President Marcos is preserved. It’s really amazing when you can see in person the one who implemented Martial Law and has a big impact to our country’s history. No photos cause it’s not allowed to take pictures inside.


Our next stop: The White House of the North.

They said that the President mostly lived here instead of living in the Malacañang palace.


The receiving area.


President’s office, with my mum on the side. Haha!



The master’s bedroom and their children’s bedroom.


Receiving area part 2! Haha, they must have many visitors for them to have many receiving areas. Can you spot my mum? Haha!


They also have this room where they showcase the travels of Marcos, this particularly to Hawaii.

Our tourist guide said that when the President is dying, he said to his pilot to bring him to Paoay. Unfortunately, the pilot misheard him and brought him to Hawaii. I don’t know how true is this, but it’s really interesting.


The mansion overlooking the Paoay Lake. So beautiful!!

And now, enough for the sight seeing, the next pictures are the most exciting ones!!


When you’re in Laoag, NEVER ever miss this one! Experience the Sand dunes by having a 30-40mins 4×4 ride and unlimited sandboarding.




It is definitely tiring but it’s all worth it. Don’t worry, you don’t get to ride 30-40 mins straight, I think there are at least 3 stops in between for us to take pictures of the scenery. It was really really good!

After the 4×4 ride, here goes the unlimited sand boarding!





And there it is, our first day in the North! Two thumbs up for the experience!




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