San Juan Surfing

My first of summer took place during the Holy Week. I took advantage of the long vacation and a non Period End Close which is one of the main considerations in our field when going to a vacation. We opted to spend the week in my Mom’s hometown – La Union. We’ve been here many many times but all we do is to stay in my Lola’s house and bond with our relatives. But thank goodness for social networking sites, I finally saw something new we can do – Surfing! Yaaay!

I’ve always asked my Mom if she knew about San Juan and all she know was that it was nearby our place. So since I’m the one who really wanted to go and visit there, I persistently pleaded my Mom to go there. *winks*

And oh, if you haven’t heard the place, San Juan is the Surfing capital of the North! :)

Now I’m sharing you some of our photos we had. Sorry though if it’s minimal as we are so excited to try this recreational activity and it’s the first time we’re doing this!


Before we set our foot in the sea, we have to undergo some tutorial class first – what are the parts of the surfing board, the positions while in the surfing board and of course the safety procedures before, during and after surfing.

One hour of surfing cost us 400 pesos, inclusive of surfing board rental and instructor. They strictly implement 1:1 student-instructor ratio to better guide amateurs like us! :)




These are the three main positions when surfing as far as I remember, haha. The getting ready, standing up and balancing position.

Note that I’m just an amateur surfer and I don’t how they call these positions, it’s just the way I remember it. ;)


It took me I guess, three times before I finally get it. The waves are good for surfers that day and how I wish we could go farther from the shoreline so that we can stay longer.



Of course, there are still moments that we fall. And because my Dad loves me so much, he perfectly captured it. Haha! For an hour, it’s getting on top of the surfing board, riding and falling, on repeat. :)

Oh and remember, you got to have your arms ready as you will always have to lift your weight to get on the surfing board. This is a good exercise to tone your arms. ;)





Really enjoyed the surfing experience and that’s because of our super patient instructors! It was getting dark when we finished our trial and our instructors said that the resorts here hold night parties and asked if we could stay a little longer. I heard night life here is pretty awesome! I’ll go check it next time ;)

I promise to visit this place every time I go home and stay at least a night. :) Will keep you posted! :)

Until the next beach waves!



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