Summer’s here!


So summer here in the Philippines has finally started, YAAAY! Since we only have two seasons in the country, most probably, this is your favorite season except for the scorching heat. Everyone’s looking forward for this season as this is the time for beach outings and time to bring out all your summer outfits. :) I wore this one during our Ilocos trip. Don’t you love my shorts??? This surely matched the brightness of the sun, haha! Anyways, I hope you are all enjoying the season. :) Looking forward to my own adventures this summer! :)





6Charles and Keith sunnies, DSDRTM top, Vanilla Breeze Clothing shorts and Tutum Shop sandals.

Next post, our Bohol and Cebu trip!! :)






I really thank God for having Mr. Sun visible while we were in Ilocos. Very easy to roam around the city and of course, easier to dress up. I always make sure to make myself comfortable whenever I’m in a place that requires a lot of walking. My best friend for three days? Shorts and flats! Haha. Of course, I won’t be pairing my best friends with a boring top! I really love the details of it, very girl-y, very maarte, very me. Haha! Anyway, this is what I wore on the first day of our tour that I have just posted :)









DSDTRM top and origami shorts, Charles & Keith sunnies, Tutum Shop flats


Golds and A Heart

1476301_10202089628737770_1191118442_nLast November 29, the new CPA’s, including me (yay!), had our oath in the PICC Plenary Hall. Since the girls were told to be in a dress, I chose this one with a ‘little’ detail at the back.

1481198_10202089616537465_360990890_n 1464029_10202089618777521_1286570561_n

I love this dress because of the heart cutout at the back. Maybe a reminder that all of us should put our hearts whenever we want to reach the things that we want to achieve. In my case, it is passing the board exam.

1471796_10202089619497539_1569246876_n 994371_10202089625617692_505574906_n 1497707_10202089628137755_1334878922_n

For my accessories, I kept it simple and gold. Simply because, after the oath, I’m gonna dig gold for a living. Haha, joke! Well, of course that is half true but in the sense of fashion, I think it makes you look classy but not too extravagant, unless you wear all your golds and show off all your bling blings, haha. Anyways, I really love my ring! :) I love extraordinary rings, whether it’s long, or has a big stone in it, or a connector ring. So if you are planning to give me a gift this christmas, ehem, a nice ring will do. :D


If you have noticed, I wore pumps in the first photo and sandals in the next photos. The main ‘girl’ reason is because I can’t walk in it the whole day and may cause me to bid goodbye to my feet, haha! Since my family and I decided to go to a mall that would require a lot of walking, I brought my favorite sandals with me.


My hair was tied up, in a donut bun, so that the detail of my dress will show off… Aaaaand, there is really no time to fix my hair, so here is the easiest way to make it look clean and nice, hehe.1461081_10202089627777746_1432396287_nThrifted Dress, Necklace, Belt. Pinkbox donut bun. Primadonna Sandals. So! Fab nude pumps.

P.S I love buying in Thrift Shops, you don’t have to spend more to look nicer! :)


Hi guys! Yes, I’m still alive, HAHA :D And since I am not active as before, I will try my best to be back, gradually, haha, and post what I am into this past few months or almost a year.

Sooo, the reason why I am missing for several months is that I consumed all my time in reviewing. Yes, you read it right. I am a nerd, I know! :/ Well at least it paid off, because…. I recently passed the board exam! YAAAAY! :) Unbelievable, right? After gazillion years of dreaming, I can finally add CPA after my name, yaay! Happiness can’t define how fulfilled I am that finally a dream of mine came true.

Okay, so too much of my happiness, I’m gonna post the outfit I wore last October 27. It was the last night of the Philippine Fashion Week, and actually my first time to attend a fashion show.





Here are some friends of my mine who also watched the show, and of course thanks to Ate Marla (most left girl) for inviting me. So there, yaay for a new post :) Till the next post!


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If you got it, flaunt it!

Hello to my outdated blog! Haha. It’s been forever since I last updated my blog and I’m sorry about it. I guess I just can’t find time for it and have nothing to post here. Anyways, I’m back! yaay! But I’m not sure if this is for good or it will take me another couple of months to post again.

Back to blogging, I’ll share to you Chicabooti’s newest collection of dresses. I’m pretty sure that pretty ladies like You will like, love and die to have this collection. If only I have the guts to wear these, I would! But it takes more than confidence to wear these. Sooo, here they are!

Cut-our dresses! Aren’t they lovely? Cut outs make your back sexier and your waist look thinner. If you have the guts to wear these be sure you wear it with attitude, and I’m sure you’ll stand out! :)

For more photos, visit Chicabooti’s site HERE, and feel free to add us on facebook! :)

Awesome Finds

Last Sunday, (meaning this post is a week late) I went to Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center with Johnc. Primarily, I went there to buy myself obviously a sandals or flats cause that’s what I need and kind of want. Okay, I want to have a pair also. My second purpose is to meet some of the fashion bloggers that I adore. Like what Adele said, they really had it all, from accessories, shoes, food, make ups and the like.

Knew Super Sale Bazaar because of the Online Shops in Facebook. I hope I can participate and sell Chicabooti’s product at their next event.

Super Sale tag embroidered on their freebie bag.

Awesome finds at the Bazaar: Truffles, flats and freebie bag. Actually, there are many awesome things at the bazaar, I just can’t buy all my wants at the moment :P

First purchase, Katie Carry-Me Flats.

This is what a girl needs when she loves to wear sky high heels: a light and easy to carry flats. I’m so inlove with it cause it matches its pouch bag plus it is so comfortable to wear.

Pouch bag turned into tote bag. That’s a one great idea! Tired of having your heels on? Wear your flats and put your heels into the bag :)

They have other designs too. I bought this because I can easily match it to whatever I wear. I recommend this to you because of its quality and affordability.

Click HERE for Katie Carry-Me Flats’s site.

Second Purchase, Sophie’s Mom. It is my first time to taste their delicious truffles :) I just don’t know where I had been why I discovered this late.

Truffle Brownie Cups. I know! I’m drooling now. I will surely try their best seller Red Velvet cupcake next time :)

Click HERE for Sophie’s Mom’s site.

Second objective, check! :) I met and had a photo with the Enciso sisters! I also had a hug from Vern. They are both pretty and nice. Very nice! How I love their malambing voice :)

Visit their blogs: A Shoetale by Vern Enciso and by Verniece Enciso.

Try to drop by to the next Super Sale Bazaar and I’m sure you’ll see lots of wonderful stuff!

Chicabooti SM Manila

After more than a month of being silent in the world of blogging, here I am, finally found a time to share what I have been doing this past few weeks. I’ve been busy for the longest time because of my school works. Yes, school works, AGAIN.  I am currently taking my second degree, BS Accountancy, at another school which permits me to take the CPA board exam.

Sooo, enough for me being busy. I would like to share to you how our shop, Chicabooti, looks like at SM Manila.

Chicabooti’s entrance. Obviously, they’re having a huge sale this month :)

Have you seen a shop with overflowing stocks and having a super sale? :)

Say it and we have it! From dresses, shirts, shorts, tops and cardigans. We have casual attires, corporate attires, winter, spring, summer and fall attires! :)

The staffs of Chicabooti are giving their best to have an additional branch to cater the needs of our lovely shoppers that are far from Manila.

Visit us now at SM Manila 3/F!

We also offer online shopping too! Just add us HERE. Thank You!

Meanwhile, here is a photo of our Accessories Collection. You can buy it at SM Manila or in our online store :)

Happy Shopping, shop-a-holics! :)