Banapple Craze

It has been two months since I graduated from college and last saw my classmates. So my college girlfriend and I, met and have a date. We planned to have our date at Banapple, Il Terrazo Bldg, Tomas Morato. I’ve been there once and don’t clearly remember how to go there so we had a mini adventure before getting into that place, haha. Well, it was ALL worth it when we arrived there :)

We went there in a lazy Sunday afternoon and in no surprise, there are LOTS of people. No wonder they serve delish foods! :)

I am not sure if they have male staff cause I didn’t saw one, haha. Anyways, Banapple employees are so accommodating :)

Ta-daaaa! Banoffee pie! My ever favorite cake/pie! :) I’ve been craving this for yearssss, because I last had this 2 years ago(?) Haha, anyways, it really satisfied my tastebuds. *drools*

We also had Fettuccine Jacinta to balance out our super sweet intakes. This is also a yum-yum! :)

And a photo with my college girlfriend :) Talked about our problems, our whereabouts during the summer, our lovelife and our dreams. It was nice seeing her after a few months :)

We really had a great time at Banapple :) I recommend you guys to go there :)

Visit Banapple’s site here.