Graduation Day

Graduation. What event would students look forward to than Graduation? Oh yes, after 15 years of studying, I did it and graduated last March 31, 2012!

I am now a PROUD BS Management Accounting degree holder of University of Santo Tomas.

This is where our graduation rites was held, the UST Quadricentennial Pavillion (QPav).

My seatmates and I during the rites.

Proud Lola, parents and brother! :)

Getting down the stage after the tassel was transferred. I was nervous cause I might stumble down because of my shoes! haha

Group and class pictures after the event! See those happy faces?

Mama said I should ‘turn-over’ my toga cap to my brother so that he could also graduate in time. I don’t know if it’s a general superstition or her own superstition, haha!

My favorite picture: Our family met!! ♥♥

(L-R): Tito Matt (his dad), Johnc, Me, Papa, Tita Christie (his mom), Mommy, Mama and lil bro. Ate Marla’s (his older sister) not here because she took this photo.

During and after our graduation :)

I thank my parents for giving me the support that I needed for the years that I’ve been studying. And I am grateful to have God by my side. I have worked hard for this but without my prayers and my faith to Him, I will not achieve this.

This is for my parents.

This is for God.


Last Mass as a Thomasian

Baccalaureate Mass. This is probably the last mass that the graduating students will attend during their last days in their school or university. I really waited patiently for three long years just to attend this event. Of course, I just did not wait for it but work hard for it to become a senior and yes, I survived and attended this memorable event.

Wore a toga cap made by our student council (which we threw up in the air) and my college ring.

Lights, lights, lights and bonggang lights!

Johnc’s writing on my uniform :)

Us before going out of the Arch of the Centuries. We don’t have photos while we are ‘running’ out of the Arch because we are all excited! UST’s tradition is that we are to enter the Arch before the Freshmen walk and to exit after the Baccalaureate Mass. Well, this is one of the most special events that I will never forget as a Thomasian.

I could say that UST really did took care of us. A lot! :)

Velada Tomasina

University of Santo Tomas had it’s Neo Centennial celebration this January 2012, meaning we are celebrating the New Centennial of our University, yey!

Last January 25, we had an event called Velada Tomasina which means going back to the Intramuros times of UST. So we have to wear something filipiniana and Maria-Clara like costumes. These are what the Filipinas wear during the old times here at the Philippines.

I love how UST re-enact the intramuros times with the Kalesa.

With my co-officers and the Guardia Sibil.

Spent most of the time with them.

Just borrowed my costume and paired it with an Aldo wedges and pearl accessories.

Best picture! :)

I enjoyed the event even our costumes are heavy and itchy. Well, this event happens once in 100 years :)

And again, I’ll never be tired of saying that I am truly a PROUD THOMASIAN!

Paskuhan Fever

Paskuhan is a traditional event of the University of Santo Tomas. This is my fourth and the LAST time as a student to attend the said event. It was held last December 15 and 16, so yey, 2 days of celebration! Another fabulous fireworks again! :)

This is how our school looks like every Christmas season. I know, they never fail Thomasian students! :)

(c) Paul Quiambao

Attended the Paskuhan mass or the 1st Simbang Gabi with my classmates. We also had this Agape, and had lots of food like Lechong Baka, Lechong Baboy and Lechong Manok. And what’s good at it is they are all FREE! :)

THE CROWD at Plaza Mayor. Kamikazee and Parokya ni Edgar played :)

Spent the Day 2 Paskuhan with my classmates, friends and JohnC.

As usual, myself! :)

Not my picture, credits to the owner.

I’m always proud to be a Thomasian student, especially when Sparks Fly! haha

Another successful and memorable Paskuhan for all of us :)

Retreat 2011

Retreat is one of the most awaited event of the seniors. It’s the time for bonding, sharing and eventually, it will be an another great memory for each one of them.

But on the other side of the story, SBMA held one of its major project. So it meant us RESPONSIBILITY and we didn’t actually have our retreat.

We had our retreat last December 11-13, 2011 at Angel’s Hills Tagaytay.

I’ll TRY, just try, to make this blog post short.


I think this is the most busy day for us officers cause we had to: inspect the bags of our batchmates, arrange the rooms, be familiar with what should we do (I’m in the food committee together with Fudgee) and many more. But as we arrive, I first took place of the medicine box while the person in-charge was at Nueva Ecija for Community Development.

Holding the medicine box, obviously, haha, and with Sir Ivan

With Louise, Ma’am Lady, Me, CM, Dan and Jheng

With my roommates wearing our section’s jacket. Mikee and Yanna.


This day had been a less-stress-day for us. We had lots of sessions, strolling time, siesta time, performance of each of the section, bonfire and the wishing lanterns ♥

Us with Bro. JC Libiran after his session. He is a lovely and a great preacher!

Our Barkada ♥

Minus Dan because he left for HongKong :(

The Wishing Lantern and our barkada. Best picture, I think! :)


This was the day that we let go of our negative feelings for our section, enjoyed the last hours of stay there and uwian time!

With my dear professors, had lots of pictures with them, haha

And with my classmates.

Had a tiring but FUN retreat! :)

Congratulations to SBMA, the PROJECT HEADS, officers, novices and to our batchmates :)


It’s Christmas at SBMA!

Having a Christmas Party means many things to us. It may be a sign that Christmas Vacation is just a step away, it may be fun to others or it may pissed others off because of the cash outflows. But one thing is for sure, you’ll be with your family and friends to give love like what God has given to us.

Our Christmas party was arranged by our novices, they scheduled it last December 9 because we don’t have classes due to the Christmas party of our Faculty members.

Guess where we spent it? At JOLLIBEE!

And at this point, you now know that it IS a kiddie party :P Originally, we should wear cocktail dresses. Cool isn’t it? But because of the bad weather, they decided to wear anything you want. Awwww, I prepared for it! Hahaha.

As usual, Jollibee will never be absent in this kind of party so we took pictures with him, haha, we really do look like kids!

With my co-officers. Cute wacky picture :)

And with the novices! sorry for the blurred picture :)

We also had games like pinoy henyo,

Here’s Dan with his brother Jollibee DAW! :P He’s guessing the word reindeer here :)

And the crowd going crazy of who’s gonna win. We’re playing paper dance here. I’m one of the contestants but you know, you should boo me! :P

Formed the tables into one long table so we could bond with each other well

With LA, Stef, Jullian and Sheila.

And of course Jollibee and I :)

We also had our after party but the pictures weren’t uploaded yet.

Anyways, I got two connector rings in our exchange gift portion, yehey! and I spelled the acronym SBMA using my butt. That was a bomb! hahahahaha :))

Well, we all had fun, and I am sure about this, I love how we bond with each other now. How I wish we had more time to hang out with each other!

I love my SBMA family :)
More photos at SBMA Ust.


It’s our retreat tomorrow, so I’ve got no chance to update my twitter or whatever social networking site. Another SBMA project it is! :) Hope it would be a successful one!


The Society of Business Managerial Accountants had its 2nd general assembly with its theme SHUFFLE: the Ecstatic Party Hits of this Generation, held last August 27, 2011 at the UST, Medicine Auditorium. This project is one of those big projects that SBMA have so we really prepared for this. Good thing (and thanks to God that no suspension of classes have been declared that day) our efforts paid out! :)

Here are some photos from our General Assembly:

Our stage design made mainly by our novices. I love those SBMA 3D letters!

With my co-officers, Jheng and Arianne, and the host, Justin Hebreo.

The SBMA girls :P (waley pa din ang height ko!)

(L-R) Shei, Jheng, Me, Arianne, Louise and Joana

Program was started by an invocation led by the Accountancy Chamber Singers. They’re great!

Who can boost the audience energy in just a snap? Wait until the UST Yellow Jacket strike their drums and shake their bodies! :)

The hosts: Katherine Mae Añonuevo, Justin Louis Hebreo and Paul Argie Cruz

Our section performing one of the scenes. We haven’t got any prize but I think being in a 4th placer out of 16 is Above Satisfactory!

Way to go 4MA3! I really love my section by the way :)

Love the shoes I bought from So! Fab :)

Congratulations to the Project Heads, Officers, BOD, Novices and all the sections who showed what truly MA students are!

Best General Assembly Ever! Kudos SBMA!

More photos at SBMA Ust.