Day 1: Ilocos Norte (City Tour)

Okay. So how do I start?

First of all, just for you to be informed, this would be a very long post since this also serves as a photo diary. So I hope you enjoy this post as much as we enjoyed our trip :)

Our travel to the North happened last August 21-24 (yes, another late post!). This was my birthday gift to myself and to my mum as well. I really prepared for this trip since I’m really excited travelling especially with the people I love. And I really prayed that the weather will be good for those days cause it was raining few days before our trip!

So we arrived in Laoag at around 3 am and went straight to Hotel Tiffany while waiting for our city tour to start. The first place we visited was President Marcos’ parents ancestral house.

*Just a reminder, most of the places especially museums have entrance fees.



The place where President Marcos was born.


Here’s my brother, Kirby having a pose with the little Ferdinand Marcos.

After our short tour in the ancestral house, we went to Iglesia de Sta. Monica de Sarrat. One of my favorite place!


Most of the churches here are really huge and have long aisles plus they all have bell towers! So Amazing.


The convent of Sta. Monica Church.



Before entering the Sarrat Ruins.




The beautiful Sarrat Ruins. This is where Irene Marcos (the youngest of President Marcos) had their pre nuptial photoshoot. So beautiful! I’m thinking of having my pre nup photoshoot here too! Haha!



My mum, obviously, is a fan of Ryzza Mae who loves “walling”. Haha! See the post behind them? They have another one inside. They said this is where they execute men before. Execute the Samson way, with two hands tied up in both posts!

Everywhere in this place is photogenic.


Next stop, Paoay Church.



I promised myself to visit 3 churches every time I travel. Not forgetting the 3 wishes whenever you visit a church the first time.

We also visited the Marcos Museum and learned a lot about the former president. So nice to see a part of our history.


They said Marcos’ favorite number is 8 and has brought a lot of luck in his political career.



His nameplates during his senatorial days.

We also visited the Marcos Mausoleum where the remains of President Marcos is preserved. It’s really amazing when you can see in person the one who implemented Martial Law and has a big impact to our country’s history. No photos cause it’s not allowed to take pictures inside.


Our next stop: The White House of the North.

They said that the President mostly lived here instead of living in the Malacañang palace.


The receiving area.


President’s office, with my mum on the side. Haha!



The master’s bedroom and their children’s bedroom.


Receiving area part 2! Haha, they must have many visitors for them to have many receiving areas. Can you spot my mum? Haha!


They also have this room where they showcase the travels of Marcos, this particularly to Hawaii.

Our tourist guide said that when the President is dying, he said to his pilot to bring him to Paoay. Unfortunately, the pilot misheard him and brought him to Hawaii. I don’t know how true is this, but it’s really interesting.


The mansion overlooking the Paoay Lake. So beautiful!!

And now, enough for the sight seeing, the next pictures are the most exciting ones!!


When you’re in Laoag, NEVER ever miss this one! Experience the Sand dunes by having a 30-40mins 4×4 ride and unlimited sandboarding.




It is definitely tiring but it’s all worth it. Don’t worry, you don’t get to ride 30-40 mins straight, I think there are at least 3 stops in between for us to take pictures of the scenery. It was really really good!

After the 4×4 ride, here goes the unlimited sand boarding!





And there it is, our first day in the North! Two thumbs up for the experience!




DIY: Cloud Nails



We need:

1. Bobbie White nail polish. This will be our clouds.

2. The Face Shop Light Blue nail polish. Our base coat.

3. Dotting Tool.

*Forgot to include the clear nail polish but we need that as well.


1. Apply base coat to your nails.

2. Make an outline for the clouds using your white nail polish. I suggest having 2-3 dots at the top and the bottom of your clouds and a dot for each sides. As you can see, it’s kind of embossed applying the outline. Don’t worry, we can fix that after step 3 :)

3. Fill up the clouds. After which, apply the clear nail polish to even out the surface.

If you also have black nail polish, you can start doing “The Fault in Our Stars” nail art with the overlapping black and white clouds and writing “Okay? Okay.” in the clouds.


There you go :) I hope you learned something from my DIY nail arts, haha!

Any suggestions of nail arts that you want me to post? :) Feel free to share it with me! :)


Photo Diary: Anawangin and Capones Island 2014

Summer’s ending and the rainy season is fast approaching. But before anything else, I want to share with you the experiences we had and of course the captured memories we took.

Last May 24, my boyfriend and his cousins decided to go to Zambales. Yes, it’s kind of short notice that’s why I didn’t have time to prepare that much. We left home at 2am and had at least 3 stopovers and bought our food on our way. So technically, we arrived at Zambales by 2pm – stopovers, buying of supplies, fetching a friend in Cabanatuan and asking of directions considered.



Pundaquit Island. Some stay here since the view is nice as you can see. You also have the choice to go to different islands by renting the boats there. And without a doubt, we choose the latter. Explore the other islands of course!



Who’s excited to ride a boat!?



Sorry for our super excited faces. Most of us are first timers, haha!




Along the way, you’ll see different rock formations and mountains. Really really nice, and good job to the people who preserve and take care of this place.


And our choice? Anawangin Cove!


This is what WE call the Red Sea. Haha. Don’t worry, it’s not polluted. They said it rained the night before that’s why the soil from the mountains went down to the lake.




Assembled our tents and cooked our lunch before anything else!



And after an hour or so…. we’re wet! Haha! Not because we went to the beach, but because it rained! hahaha. So guys, please buy a waterproof tent. I guess this marks our first camping experience, hehe.

After fixing and settling our things again, we headed to the beach to enjoy the afternoon. No pictures, sorry! :P


To maximize our stay there, we set up a bonfire. It’s my first time again, haha. Thanks to our neighbor, Kuya Joseph, for helping us to set this up.

**You can buy the woods there, I guess it’s P200. Be sure you have the Butane Gas and the torch!






Grilled hotdog and ate our dinner before calling this day off.



And this is how Mr. Sun greeted us! Our campsite :)

Ate our breakfast and headed to the beach for some sight seeing!





Amazing Anawangin!! ♥ Really really beautiful..


We went to the left side of the island (facing the beach) to see a nicer perspective of the Cove. This isn’t in our plan so basically, this explains why I’m still wearing my PJs, haha!






Where sky, earth and water meet each other.




Our next stop: Capones Island. This is included in the package we had together with our boat transfers from and to Anawangin and Capones Island.

What is in this island?




Beautiful rock formations and fine white sand. This is my first time to see and be in a white sand beach!



The super clear water. I love the colors!! I love how the sky kisses the ocean. Snorkeling is a must in this place!!


And lastly, the network connection, haha!! You saw it right. I know it’s weird to take calls when you’re in vacation, apparently, we didn’t know that there is no signal in Anawangin Cove. Too late for us to make our calls and messages to inform our parents that we safely arrived in the island. Though I’m into no-signal island because you get to appreciate more of God’s gift when there are no social networking sites to check time after time, right? :)




And there! We left Capones Island after 15 minutes and went back to Anawangin. Enjoyed the rest of the day at the beach before going back to the city.

Really had fun in that quick weekend vacation! If only I can go back and forth here during weekends, haha! There are still so many things that we can do here so I guess I’ll be visiting this place again!! Can’t wait for that day to come :)


*Most of the photos are taken by Samsung S5, my new baby! I didn’t edit or add filters in the photos for you to see how good the camera of S5 is :)

To Infinity and Beyond

After xx months, here I am again, trying to blog, haha. I know I’m taking months before I get to post whatever I have in mind, but as much as I want to, I can’t because I’m so preoccupied with my work (naks!), haha. And I have nothing to share until last March. Last month, Johnc and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary. Yaaay! :) It feels sooo amazing! haha. I’m really excited because we really planned this plus this is our first time to travel and try new things. It’s really our promise that as much as possible, have our firsts and new experiences together.

Our original plan was to go to Pampanga, visit Zoobic and go swimming. But since we don’t know how to go there and we should go to Tagaytay the morning after, we decided to celebrate it in Tagaytay as well. We celebrated it the weekend before our day since that’s the only time we can spend the whole day together. We arrived at 3pm, I guess, and searched a place to stay in and went straight to Residence Inn, Tagaytay.



The first thing we did there was to go to Paradizoo and they gave us a tour.

Next was the most exciting one, the zipline and cable car, yaay!!!! Really can’t contain my happiness and my fear since I’m afraid of heights, hehe. And it only cost us 150 back and forth! So why don’t give it a try, right?

ZiplineI was too scared to open my eyes at first, but I chose to feed my eyes by seeing the very beautiful view of Tagatay!! And of course, I’m less scared because Johnc held my hand through out the short fly, yieee, cheezy moment here.


IMG_1860Yes! To Infinity and Beyond! I wanna fly again!!!


No, I ain’t taking a selfie, I was trying to get a video of us and the view while we’re on the cable car.IMG_1874And later realized that I haven’t touched the capture button, hahahah! FAIL!! But still, this is a really REALLY unforgettable experience! :)

DSC_0138After which, we also had a quick tour in their Mini Zoo. Us with the I-don’t-want-to-be-in-the-picture camel, haha!

At 6pm, they have their free show starring their staff and some of their animals.


DSC_0177And as you can see, Johnc’s in the picture but he didn’t even tried to touch the snake! He’s really scared of it, haha. That’s a secret guys, hahahaha.


DSC_0187 After the show, we decided to go to the famous Sky Ranch since it’s only a ride away.

PS. For the girls, never EVER wear shorts in Tagaytay if you’re gonna stay outdoors till night and if you don’t wanna die because of the cold breeze. HAHA. Very wrong outfit.


DSC_0189The famous Sky Eye, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the country.


DSC_0206We tried their other rides/attractions before the main ride. A ride on a fake and a real horse! Haha. There are lots of rides there, like the Vikings they have in EK, mini roller coaster, and also zipline.

DSC_0244We waited for them before riding the ferris wheel. See, my brother is no longer a baby!! hahaha.

DSC_0192The Sky Eye! I am fond of riding on Ferris Wheels since it is one of the few rides that I can ride on, hehe. Can’t wait to try the ferris wheel in Singapore or even in London!! Dreams…..


10178339_10200786721949271_691341008_nThe gondolas of the Sky Eye are smaller than that of MOA’s but the height is really incomparable. I can’t even look down! haha. But if you really want to try this, I think the best time is when the sun sets :)

Ate our super late dinner at Leslie’s. We ordered their Bulalo since Bulalos in Tagaytay are super delish and Crispy Pata. Forgot to take a picture of our food since we really need to feed our tummy, haha! And one tip, Leslie’s serves food I guess for 3-4 persons per order. So imagine us trying to eat all of our ordered food!DSC_0246

This is the only picture I have in Leslie’s. See? My brother is not a gay! He’s a pig! haha. joke!! Love you, brotherrrrrrr!

Upon arriving to the place where we stayed, this is what I saw..


His anniversary greeting! In a freaking tarpaulin!!!! It took me half a minute to see if it’s real, haha, cause Johnc doesn’t know how to give surprises, I always knew it beforehand :P But this, unbelievable! :P Thanks for this Babe!!!! Don’t know where to put it in my room, haha.

On the day of our Anniversary, 17th of March, we only had our dinner at Mesa Restaurant in Greenbelt since I have to go to work the whole day.



Also went to the event where I said Yes to him – Pyro Olympics :) Sorry, no videos of fireworks, I want to enjoy the show instead of taking videos of it, hehe, and I’m sure there are many in youtube :)

And thereeeee!! What a celebration! We may have spent a lot here, but no regrets. Invest in experiences rather than on possessions, right? :) Happy 2nd Anniversary Babe, I love you so much and can’t wait to spend more Firsts together ♥

pencil024* I added a Travel category here. Praying and working hard to travel the Philippines and some other countries as well!! :) Also made an account, just wanna try the site, hehe.

Golds and A Heart

1476301_10202089628737770_1191118442_nLast November 29, the new CPA’s, including me (yay!), had our oath in the PICC Plenary Hall. Since the girls were told to be in a dress, I chose this one with a ‘little’ detail at the back.

1481198_10202089616537465_360990890_n 1464029_10202089618777521_1286570561_n

I love this dress because of the heart cutout at the back. Maybe a reminder that all of us should put our hearts whenever we want to reach the things that we want to achieve. In my case, it is passing the board exam.

1471796_10202089619497539_1569246876_n 994371_10202089625617692_505574906_n 1497707_10202089628137755_1334878922_n

For my accessories, I kept it simple and gold. Simply because, after the oath, I’m gonna dig gold for a living. Haha, joke! Well, of course that is half true but in the sense of fashion, I think it makes you look classy but not too extravagant, unless you wear all your golds and show off all your bling blings, haha. Anyways, I really love my ring! :) I love extraordinary rings, whether it’s long, or has a big stone in it, or a connector ring. So if you are planning to give me a gift this christmas, ehem, a nice ring will do. :D


If you have noticed, I wore pumps in the first photo and sandals in the next photos. The main ‘girl’ reason is because I can’t walk in it the whole day and may cause me to bid goodbye to my feet, haha! Since my family and I decided to go to a mall that would require a lot of walking, I brought my favorite sandals with me.


My hair was tied up, in a donut bun, so that the detail of my dress will show off… Aaaaand, there is really no time to fix my hair, so here is the easiest way to make it look clean and nice, hehe.1461081_10202089627777746_1432396287_nThrifted Dress, Necklace, Belt. Pinkbox donut bun. Primadonna Sandals. So! Fab nude pumps.

P.S I love buying in Thrift Shops, you don’t have to spend more to look nicer! :)


Hi guys! Yes, I’m still alive, HAHA :D And since I am not active as before, I will try my best to be back, gradually, haha, and post what I am into this past few months or almost a year.

Sooo, the reason why I am missing for several months is that I consumed all my time in reviewing. Yes, you read it right. I am a nerd, I know! :/ Well at least it paid off, because…. I recently passed the board exam! YAAAAY! :) Unbelievable, right? After gazillion years of dreaming, I can finally add CPA after my name, yaay! Happiness can’t define how fulfilled I am that finally a dream of mine came true.

Okay, so too much of my happiness, I’m gonna post the outfit I wore last October 27. It was the last night of the Philippine Fashion Week, and actually my first time to attend a fashion show.





Here are some friends of my mine who also watched the show, and of course thanks to Ate Marla (most left girl) for inviting me. So there, yaay for a new post :) Till the next post!


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DIY: Polka Nails



We need:

1. Base coat. I used Touch of Tan.

2. A nail polish that can complement your base coat. I used a white one.

3. Clear nail polish.

4. Dotting tool. (If you want to have one, email me! I’m planning to sell nail accessories, hmm? A way cheaper than those in the malls. Promise.)

*Sorry for using different brands, I really don’t know what brand to use! Do you have any suggestions? :)

page11. Apply the base coat to your nails. In my case, I applied the white nail polish as my base coat on my ring fingers as you can see on the first picture.

2. Put a small amount of nail polish on a paper or anywhere you are comfortable with.

3. Start putting ‘dots’ on your nails using the dotting tool. The tips of the dotting tool are of different sizes, I applied the bigger tip first then the smaller tip. As of my ring fingers, I used the Touch of Tan nail polish as my dots.

4. Apply the Clear nail polish. Remember, it makes your nail polish shiny and it last longer! :)

Yay! Did this help you? Haha! I hope it did! :) More nail arts to come! :)