Hello, Bohol!

Because I have received a really good feedback with regards to my inactive blog, I am now writing another post. Yaaay! Haha! Cheers to my mood today! :P Kidding aside, thanks to those who gave their comments on my blog, may it be a good or a bad one. I really appreciate them all :) It makes me inspired and motivated to write another blog post, so thank you. :)

Moving on, I am writing about the travel I had last March 2015. And yep, another late post coming up! Haha! :P This was our CeBohol (Cebu-Bohol) trip with my bestfriends and boyfriend. I’m gonna share with you first our adventures in Bohol.

Our Bohol trip was the easiest one to organize. Honestly, there is no much time to plan for a DIY itinerary as I have actively searched for all the “to-gos” just a weekend before our trip. And as per my research and review, it is easier to roam around Bohol if you have your own car instead of commuting. Thanks to Bohol Rent A Car for they have the services that we are looking for – a car and a day tour – in a very affordable price.

So to start, we were fetched by our tour guide straight from the airport. With my name written in a waving paper, haha! Feeling the tourist vibe from there on!


Picture at the airport. Our first steps in Visayas! :) So excited with what is in store for the day. :)


Our first stop, Blood Compact Shrine. This, I guess, has a huge impact in the Philippine history that they have to drink the wine with their blood mixed in to seal their treaty.




The shrine overlooking Panglao Island.


We also took a stop in Baclayon Church. Can you spot St. Pio in one of the columns of the church? Don’t worry if you didn’t saw it in the first glimpse, cause it took me three to four times and have my friends pinpoint where Padre Pio is before I finally saw him. Haha, poor eyes.


Churches in Bohol were a hot topic for a time as these were heavily devastated by the earthquake we had.


Of course, we had our lunch buffet in the famous Loboc River. This as well is included in our package.



We also had our stop over during our lunch to hear and see traditional song and dance of Bohol.


Stan also had the chance to dance Tinikling with them. I wanted to try as well, but I’m too scared for my feet to get stuck between the bamboo sticks. Haha!




Really enjoyed the view during our meal. It was clean, relaxing and well preserved. :)


Next stop – the Hanging Bridge in Loboc.



For those who do not know, heights really freak me out. So crossing and staying (without holding the hand rails) in the bridge is an achievement for me. I should be proud of myself, haha! Sorry though as I can’t tell how high the bridge is cause I’m not good in estimating measurements. :P Just trust me, it’s high enough to make me shout to whoever’s crossing the bridge with me, haha!



The Tarsier Sanctuary is a must visit in Bohol. Why? Because we can only see these species only in this place. This was my first time to see them and they look exactly like the stuff toy they are selling in the souvenir shop! Only they are alive, haha! :P They are so cute! Wanted to bring one home. :P


Our next stop was probably my favorite one. A man-made forest with towering mahogany trees in it. So beautiful. So peaceful. I wish all of us can take care of our nature instead of destroying it.




We had to take pictures and take advantage of the scenery. Just be careful as there are a lot of cars passing through this place. This explains why this shot is a blurred one. It’s because we wanted a jump shot and our bodies in one piece after this photo taken, haha!




And our Bohol trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting Chocolate Hills. I’m not expecting so much as these were also affected by the earthquake. But boy, even earthquakes can’t lessen the beauty of this place.

From textbooks back in grade school to reality! :)



And this sums up our Bohol Trip. Thumbs up to all the Boholanos for preserving the place. Not to mention their sense of humor that made our trip more fun. :)

Special thanks to Bohol Rent A Car and to Kuya Topher for accommodating us, without any hassle! :) Thank you! Will surely visit this place again. :)