DIY: Cloud Nails



We need:

1. Bobbie White nail polish. This will be our clouds.

2. The Face Shop Light Blue nail polish. Our base coat.

3. Dotting Tool.

*Forgot to include the clear nail polish but we need that as well.


1. Apply base coat to your nails.

2. Make an outline for the clouds using your white nail polish. I suggest having 2-3 dots at the top and the bottom of your clouds and a dot for each sides. As you can see, it’s kind of embossed applying the outline. Don’t worry, we can fix that after step 3 :)

3. Fill up the clouds. After which, apply the clear nail polish to even out the surface.

If you also have black nail polish, you can start doing “The Fault in Our Stars” nail art with the overlapping black and white clouds and writing “Okay? Okay.” in the clouds.


There you go :) I hope you learned something from my DIY nail arts, haha!

Any suggestions of nail arts that you want me to post? :) Feel free to share it with me! :)



DIY: Polka Nails



We need:

1. Base coat. I used Touch of Tan.

2. A nail polish that can complement your base coat. I used a white one.

3. Clear nail polish.

4. Dotting tool. (If you want to have one, email me! I’m planning to sell nail accessories, hmm? A way cheaper than those in the malls. Promise.)

*Sorry for using different brands, I really don’t know what brand to use! Do you have any suggestions? :)

page11. Apply the base coat to your nails. In my case, I applied the white nail polish as my base coat on my ring fingers as you can see on the first picture.

2. Put a small amount of nail polish on a paper or anywhere you are comfortable with.

3. Start putting ‘dots’ on your nails using the dotting tool. The tips of the dotting tool are of different sizes, I applied the bigger tip first then the smaller tip. As of my ring fingers, I used the Touch of Tan nail polish as my dots.

4. Apply the Clear nail polish. Remember, it makes your nail polish shiny and it last longer! :)

Yay! Did this help you? Haha! I hope it did! :) More nail arts to come! :)