Captivating Cagbalete

Since my favorite season (among the two choices, haha) has ended, I’m gonna share to you my summer-ender for 2016. Too sad that it ended that quick but I’m still looking forward for the remaining of the year as I have at least four trips planned, yaay! Beach season never ends if you’re here in the Philippines! :)

We went to the most talked about place in my father’s hometown, the island of Cagbalete.

It’s a 5 hour drive from the Metro and 30-45 minutes boat ride from the port to the island. We had an agency to fix everything for us. Budget each pax was 2,500Php inclusive of land & boat transfers, environmental fees, accommodation and food. :) You can also try to have a DIY trip, and bring a private car. Now, don’t worry where to park your car as there are many parking lots near the port. All you have to do is to bring your food and book a resort in advance. :)

So let’s get this started. :)


We arrived at the island at the best weather condition. :) The first in our itinerary was to visit the famous sandbar. Just ate our breakfast and left our things in the resort then…

Off we go! :)

And ta-daaaaaa! Sandbar! On a High Tide! Hahahaha! Yep, major epic fail :P Don’t even start imagining how disappointed we were when we saw the outstretched sea instead of the sand. Haha!

So tip # 1, check first if it’s high or low tide before going to the sandbar. :P The sandbar is about a 30 minute boat ride (from our resort) so better be sure before going there. It takes some time and money of course to rent a boat again.

Since we have no choice, we just enjoyed the sun, the sea and the sand underneath. :)

The super fine sand… under the water. :P


After swimming and burning our skin, we head back to the resort.

Had our lunch and got some rest since we really got tired from the morning’s travel. Note that there is no electricity in the whole island from 6am to 6pm so bring some powerbanks and extension cords. :)

And after a few hours of getting rest, time to check the whole place! :)

We woke up with the place on a gloomy weather and low tide. When it’s high tide, boats can usually ‘park’ up to this point. :) You could see how low or even close to no water at all compared to the first picture I posted.



Photoshoots will never be excluded in our agenda! Especially having bestfriends like them? Na-ah! :P Thinking of posting another blogpost featuring my pagemote in the island, hmmmm :P


When it’s low tide, you could easily roam in the island, hassle free! :) You could go to the other resorts freely and enjoy what’s in store of the place.


And that’s what we do for the rest of the day. :)

We had some dinner, drinks, games, stories to share the whole night and got some sleep in preparation to more exciting day tomorrow. :)


Since our stay wouldn’t make sense if we don’t get to see the ‘actual’ sandbar, we decided to give it a shot on our second day. Of course, I have assessed the sea level first if it’s on a low or on a high tide. Thank God, it is! So here we gooooo! :)


It was indeed beautiful. They call this place, “The Boracay of the South” and I guess it is living its name. It may even be better than Boracay as this is not as famous as the said place, which meant that this is more preserved than what’s in Boracay. :)



Luckily, we have witnessed a well saturated rainbow. Ahhhhhh, so nice!!




What else should we do? With this set of group, we took photos on every angle of the sandbar, haha!





Mangroves are very visible in this area as well, so without a doubt, another photoshoot session has started. :P




And jumpshot photos were taken as well. :)



Time to go home! But before that, my brother and I have to manually push the boat until we reach the resort, haha! Just kidding! :)

After all these photos taken and memories created with this group, it’s time to go home now.

Our stay was really worthwhile. :) Hope you could all visit Cagbalete and enjoy this as much as we enjoyed our short vacation here. :)