Summer’s here!


So summer here in the Philippines has finally started, YAAAY! Since we only have two seasons in the country, most probably, this is your favorite season except for the scorching heat. Everyone’s looking forward for this season as this is the time for beach outings and time to bring out all your summer outfits. :) I wore this one during our Ilocos trip. Don’t you love my shorts??? This surely matched the brightness of the sun, haha! Anyways, I hope you are all enjoying the season. :) Looking forward to my own adventures this summer! :)





6Charles and Keith sunnies, DSDRTM top, Vanilla Breeze Clothing shorts and Tutum Shop sandals.

Next post, our Bohol and Cebu trip!! :)




2014 goals

Since 2015 is fast approaching (few hours to go!), let me share to you my goals this year. Last year, my goal was to become a CPA, I became one, and I will be forever thankful for it! This year, I decided to reward my self, haha! Why not! And I have lotsss of to-do things this year.

First of, I know I am not fat nor I am as skinny as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. So this year, I promised myself to be healthy. Note: Healthy doesn’t mean you have to be skinny! So I decided to enroll and go to gym (Yes! Super unusual, haha!) and that I should join two marathons. My original goal was to run 10km. But since my resistance is so poor and I know that is impossible, I set my goal down to 5km. We joined the Milo Marathon and the Color Manila Run.


Another goal that I have set, was to read 50 books for this year. Any guesses if I hit this goal? Of course… No! HAHA. I didn’t even reach half of my goal :P I have only read 20 books. Not bad though, from less than 5 last 2013. My favorite books/series was The Selection series. Have you read it? So much kilig in it! Plus, it will have its fourth installment this coming May 2015, I’m excited!


This next goal was really a plan of mine when I was still studying. I promised myself that I should buy the things that I want in my first working year (I even made a list for this!). I’m really not materialistic, but let’s just say it’s my reward for the little achievements that I made for the past years. And for this coming year, I promise to SAAAVE. Hahaha!!


The last item in my goal check list, and will be my main goal for the coming years is to… TRAVEL. Yes! Who doesn’t want to!? This year, my goal was to travel twice domestically and once internationally. I thought it was impossible especially the international one. But God is really good, I marked this goal with a really big check!! My first trip was in Anawangin, Zambales which I posted here. I also visited the very nice place of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. Check my last posts, I have posted our first day there and will post the next two days soon (I don’t know when, haha!). And of course, our international trip, Hongkong and Macau!! Blogpost soon! Haha! But I’ll share some of our pictures from my travels this year :)

20140525_104811Capones Island, Zambales. May 2014.


 Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Ilocos Norte. August 2014.


Disneyland, HongKong. November 2014.

Let us thank God for the wonderful 2014 He had given to us and let us all hope that 2015 be a better year for all of us! :)


Golds and A Heart

1476301_10202089628737770_1191118442_nLast November 29, the new CPA’s, including me (yay!), had our oath in the PICC Plenary Hall. Since the girls were told to be in a dress, I chose this one with a ‘little’ detail at the back.

1481198_10202089616537465_360990890_n 1464029_10202089618777521_1286570561_n

I love this dress because of the heart cutout at the back. Maybe a reminder that all of us should put our hearts whenever we want to reach the things that we want to achieve. In my case, it is passing the board exam.

1471796_10202089619497539_1569246876_n 994371_10202089625617692_505574906_n 1497707_10202089628137755_1334878922_n

For my accessories, I kept it simple and gold. Simply because, after the oath, I’m gonna dig gold for a living. Haha, joke! Well, of course that is half true but in the sense of fashion, I think it makes you look classy but not too extravagant, unless you wear all your golds and show off all your bling blings, haha. Anyways, I really love my ring! :) I love extraordinary rings, whether it’s long, or has a big stone in it, or a connector ring. So if you are planning to give me a gift this christmas, ehem, a nice ring will do. :D


If you have noticed, I wore pumps in the first photo and sandals in the next photos. The main ‘girl’ reason is because I can’t walk in it the whole day and may cause me to bid goodbye to my feet, haha! Since my family and I decided to go to a mall that would require a lot of walking, I brought my favorite sandals with me.


My hair was tied up, in a donut bun, so that the detail of my dress will show off… Aaaaand, there is really no time to fix my hair, so here is the easiest way to make it look clean and nice, hehe.1461081_10202089627777746_1432396287_nThrifted Dress, Necklace, Belt. Pinkbox donut bun. Primadonna Sandals. So! Fab nude pumps.

P.S I love buying in Thrift Shops, you don’t have to spend more to look nicer! :)


Hi guys! Yes, I’m still alive, HAHA :D And since I am not active as before, I will try my best to be back, gradually, haha, and post what I am into this past few months or almost a year.

Sooo, the reason why I am missing for several months is that I consumed all my time in reviewing. Yes, you read it right. I am a nerd, I know! :/ Well at least it paid off, because…. I recently passed the board exam! YAAAAY! :) Unbelievable, right? After gazillion years of dreaming, I can finally add CPA after my name, yaay! Happiness can’t define how fulfilled I am that finally a dream of mine came true.

Okay, so too much of my happiness, I’m gonna post the outfit I wore last October 27. It was the last night of the Philippine Fashion Week, and actually my first time to attend a fashion show.





Here are some friends of my mine who also watched the show, and of course thanks to Ate Marla (most left girl) for inviting me. So there, yaay for a new post :) Till the next post!


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DIY: Pink Gradient Nails



We need:

1. Base coat. I used a pink glitter-y one.

2. Clear Nail Polish.

page1. To start with the gradient look, apply the base coat to the tips of your nails like doing a French tip manicure. Don’t worry if it’s too light because as we go through steps 2 and 3, it will add volume to the tip of your nails.

2. Apply the base coat but start it more closer to your cuticle.

3. Apply the base coat this time from the middle of your nails. If you are not satisfied with the volume you have, you can double or triple coat it. When done, you can now apply the clear nail polish to make it last longer.

There it is! Yaay for my first DIY post! Haha. I hope this post somehow helped you how to do this little art. Thank you! Till the next DIY post!

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Hello there! As you have noticed, I haven’t posted anything here for almost a year now, or maybe more than a year. Where am I? As much as I want to post my insights every single day, okay, maybe twice a week, haha, I can’t, for now. But I promise myself, that I’ll give life to this comatose blog if I can. For now, let us keep in touch in Instagram, yaay, hooray for me! :P Here are most of the photos that I captured since I had my own account..


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Semi Summer Day

Top Tank and Skirt from Chicabooti; Heels from Charles and Keith

Summer season is about to end here at the Philippines. Rainy days are about to meet us very soon so I opted to post a mix of a windy-summer outfit. My top tank and skirt are from my newly-opened online shop so please, visit it. I love how the colors mix up and make my look more ‘kikay‘ here. Next time, I’ll try color-blocking, just give me time how to match it up. Hope you liked my post :)

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