Nostalgic Nagsasa

Planning is always the easiest part when you wanted to travel with friends, but making it materialize would always be the hardest part. Thank goodness my officemates or what we call ourselves – “Donnatics” – were that persistent to push through our plan. :) We didn’t even have to force everyone to join because we all wanted to go. Especially we really wanted to have a break with our work. Away from the city and away from all the stress the world has given to us. #Hugot! Haha.

I don’t know why we chose Nagsasa, but since we crave for a getaway, we just go with it. :) Besides, it’s not my first time in Zambales as I have went to Anawangin last year, I think it’s a good idea to explore the other side of it. Nothing to lose, more to gain. :)

We left at 1:30am from our office in Bulacan and swooosh! Off we go to our destination! I’m not sure what time did we arrive there, I just know we did arrive earlier as expected. Not to mention our driver overtakes almost all the cars in front of us even in the zig-zag road!

If you are about to ask, we have budgeted at least 1,700Php per head, inclusive of our driver, land transfer, our accommodation, boat rides and transfers, plus the food we bought from the market. Also, it is much better to bring cooking and food utensils with you as there are no fancy hotels and restaurants there. You get to live on your own. :)

Sooooo. Let’s start exploring Nagsasa through our eyes, and I hope I could share to you how happy and grateful I am with this trip. :)



First to visit – Capones Island. As I have mentioned in my Anawangin post, there are no resorts in this island. We just have to take advantage of the view and took our first group pictures in here.




And now, we’re ready to go to a stress and signal free island – Nagsasa!



Of course our first agenda was to set up tents and prepare for lunch. Thanks to these boys for taking care the whole group and being oh-so responsible! :P You know how intense we get with regards to Boys vs. Girls topic in the office, but this one goes for you! Naks. Minsan lang yan. :P



After lunch, we didn’t thought time would be so SLOOOOOOOW. That was the longest 3-4 hours in the island. It was so hot that we can’t last a 5 minute nap. That’s why we did everything to entertain ourselves. From story telling, to the corniest knock knock jokes, hahaha, Pinoy Henyo, card games – the controversial 1-2-3 pass that almost cost our relationship with others, haha, and officemates doing an exhibition of catching food from the air. Hahaha!

And after all those craziness, time to swimmmm! Yaay!



Four girls out of 13 in the group!



The boys also took advantage of the scenery. Ughh, what a beautiful view! And I’m referring to the mountains there, haha!





And our running shot! Our Ready, Set, Go! set of photos and the aftermath – splashes of water all over the place! Haha. Super fun!


Here comes my favorite part of our trip.

It has been set beforehand that we’ll trek here in Nagsasa. What we are not yet sure of, is the time we are to trek. We were still having a good swim and when most of the boys noticed that the sun is about to set, they quickly decided to trek… NOW. Yes, the next thing I know, they are starting to go to the trekking site. I didn’t have time to decide whether I’ll go or not cause I really wanted to witness the sunset, and it’s my first time to trek. :)



I never thought trekking would be so tiring, especially I’m coping up with how fast my officemates are going up the mountain. Oh, and did I mention there are some parts of the trek that you can be on the bottom of the mountain in an instant? One wrong step and you’ll die! JK! I’m exaggerating, maybe you’ll just have fractured legs or arms and wounds all over. Hehehe, I’m just saying, just be careful. And for those girls who wanted to try, be sure to have a guide while going up. Remember, climb at your own risk. ;)


Sure enough, we are in awe to see the whole place on top. :)





One of my favorite photos that I took. It’s not scripted and everyone just wanted to take a break of everything, just appreciating what’s in front of us. :)



Favorite time of the day. Sunset. :)

It’s amazing how it can take your breath away, just watch it and makes you smile. Giving thanks to God for everything. For giving this chance to watch Mr. Sun set with the one you really treasure. Someday, every sunset will be as memorable as this one. :) #HugotPart2


And after appreciating, time to go down! When in fact we can just roll down because of the steepness of the mountain. Haha!




And our stay would never be complete without setting a bonfire. Different stories has been shared, games were played and s’mores were eaten. Too bad most of them have slept early and there were only five of us left. Talked about everything under the sun, or the moon I guess. Haha. Work, lovelife and of course the then hot topic, politics.

I don’t know how to explain it, but it really got exciting because of the group few feet from us. They spread “Good Vibes” all over the place. We don’t know each other, we don’t even know how they look like, they just made the remaining crowd in the place jam with them. :) It was full of laughter that night. How cool that we could laugh with someone you didn’t know and just wanted to have a stress free night. :)


This would be my second favorite. Credits to our official photographer – Adam! :)

Quiet time between you and the nature. Sand underneath your body, bright stars, shooting stars once in a while. It really felt amazing that how much you’re overloaded in the city, yet you feel free and felt no burden at all when you’re in front of this kind of view. By far, the best night of the year. :) Thanks to the natural decorations of the sky. :)


When I woke up the next morning, I visited the other side of the island.



I felt like I’m in the other country then, super nice and quiet.

And since I have spent a lot of time roaming around the place, cause I got lost also, haha, I decided to take a bath while everyone’s swimming as we are to leave later that morning. Little did I know, I’m missing the fun out there. :(




They had jump shot photos and I missed the highlight of our trip!!! I am so doomed, and sad, and I can’t even forgive myself for missing this!! The boys danced the famous “May Tatlong Bibe“. Not sharing the video though cause they might kill me, haha, but I saw how fun it is and I really hate myself for being KJ. </3



And before leaving the place, one last group picture with the gang. :)

I really had fun with them, and I am excited and looking forward to more outings with them. Hope our July getaway will push through! Excited about it!

That’s it for our Nagsasa trip! And yes, it was one for the books!

*Photos from Adam, Kuya Eric, Mich and my Candice*