Feeling 23… and lost.


Before anything else, I want to make myself clear. This is a personal post, no pictures or anything else. So if you’re not into word-y post, cause I know it’s boring, haha, you’re free to close this window. :) This may be a bit sad post but to set the record straight, I’m not on a suicidal phase, haha! I just think I’m going on through what everybody else will go through. I’m just putting it all into a blog post. So yeah. To those who went through this, opinions and advices are open and welcome, just leave it all in the comment box. :) Our generation will surely appreciate it ;)

Okay. This might be a complicated topic for us who are approaching on what they call the “Quarter Life Crisis”, but let me give it a shot to write what I have in mind and the current situation I am in today.

At this point, you’ll think of what’s at stake of your future. I’m not that eager to be IN the future, but sometimes you’ll rethink of the whole situation, like, is this what I’ll do for the rest of my life? Is this what I want? Am I contented? Have I done everything to pursue what I really want? Have I wasted the last years of my life for nothing? Am I going to settle with this? And lastly and the most important question, Am I happy?

You’ll feel depressed, and sometimes, you ought to find a reset button in your life and just re-do it all over again. You don’t know what to do and want to let yourself out of everybody’s life, and just have a new one. Some don’t understand this, but some totally get your point. Again, I’m not in a suicidal phase, I’m just in the momentum of writing. Hehe.

Now, I’m going to share you what I think are the immediate reactions for us going through this phase and what I think could help us in the long run.

What we usually do:

  1. Socialize with friends. Now this is totally normal. You would want someone to understand you. If not get an advice from them, you need someone to listen to your thoughts. Cry if you may or just laugh it all out.
  2. Making yourself feel and look good. This is especially true to girls. Retail therapy and cutting of hair, yes? I do not say it’s wrong, I just say this cost too much, haha! I know you’ll end up happy at the end of the day, but you have to check your wallet and pockets cause I know for sure that they feel the opposite way :P
  3. Go in a bar and drink… a lot. Truth be told, I’ve never been in a bar and I only drink a bottle or two. I’m not a party goer, but I’m always fond of party lights, loud music and good company. So I tried, and yes, it made me felt like I’m free, have nothing to worry about and happy. But it only lasted for hours. Temporary happiness it is. I’m sure adults will agree with me on this. :P

What I think could help us:

  1. Detach yourself from social media accounts. If you cannot deactivate it for a while, try to be distant with FB, twitter and other networking sites. Most of your friends will show their side of life, and admit it, sometimes you get to compare yourself to others. So better stay away with it. :)
  2. Read books. Because my work is situated far from home, I usually check my accounts during my travel time. So instead of overthinking things on my way to work, I think reading a book is a better substitute when you have an idle time. Besides, they said, reading books feeds up your soul and brings you to another world.
  3. Travel. I haven’t tried travelling alone cause I thought it was lonely. But now I’m considering it. :) I’ll keep you posted when I have ticked this in my bucket list!
  4. Get out of your comfort zone. Think of what you really want to do. They said there are two kinds of jobs: (1) Your source of living, (2) Your passion. I’m sure you don’t want to stress your whole life with a job you’re not passionate about. So I’m borrowing Nike’s slogan – Just Do It. Nobody gets what they want without working hard for it. *wink*
  5. PRAY. Always ask for His guidance. You may be lost at this time but that doesn’t mean you don’t believe in Him. I am no saint, I don’t really preach or share bible verses, but what I am sure of is whatever you do, or whatever situation you are in today – He will always be there. :)

I hope you got or realized something on my post. I may be down these days, but soon enough, I hope everything will all be better. :) To a happy life ahead, cheers! :)